Our products

All products of Van Dijk Holland are full valued textile medical products provides a maximum wearable comfort.

These products have an even better performance than requested in the NEN-13795.
The OR-gowns, OR-drapes and industrial clothing contribute in a great extent to the comfort and safety as well for the patient as for the OR-team.

The expert in:

Surgical Gowns:

The Surgical Gowns are thanks to the excellent fit and materials used, light and comfortable.

High Performance Gowns:

These are intended for long, wet operations. The front panel and sleeves are manufactured from a textile laminate with a nearly impenetrable membrane.


Standard Performance Gowns:

These are intended for most standard operations. These gowns are moisture repellent as they are manufactured from very closely woven microfilaments. The gowns are antistatic and have a minimum particle shedding.

OR Surgical Drapes:

Van Dijk Hollands OR sugical drapes systems consists of a complete range in various sizes. Thanks to the special composition of the drapes only one layer of textile is needed to cover the patient. This accelerates and simplifies all actions and it benefits the environment.

Observer Gowns

OR Clothes (Scrubs - CAS - Insulated Jacket - IV Gown)

All Van Dijk Hollands OR clothing are designed with functionality and wearing comfort in mind.

Thermal Blankets and Temperature Regulating Blankets

Customised attire to emphasise your company's profile

Clean Air Suit

Highly breathable material

Regulation of particle transfer in accordance with the standards


Anti-static microfibres

Good wearing comfort

Fully complies with the EN13795 standard



Good wearing comfort

Surgical Gowns

Safer thanks to the absolute barrier, great absorption and regulation of particle transfer in accordance with the standards

Flexible, breathable fabric for maximum wearing comfort

Economical thanks to a long lifespan and single-layer use of materials

OR Drapes

High absorption

Effective and long-term protection against fluids and potential micro-organisms

Maintaining the human body's natural temperature control

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